Pateint Android Application

A smart telemedicine App. We harness the power of Webrtc technology to create a holistic range of health and wellness services into a single, integrated platform.

Adopt our agile mindset to deliver future-ready Patient Android mobile application solutions at the speed of life.
  • Patient registration with OTP validation
  • Patient profile management
  • Random unlimited vital capturing (6 types)
  • Find doctor
  • Doctor profile with review and ratings
  • Book appointment (with payment, optional)
  • Appointment booking (self, family and others)
  • Video consultation (optional)
  • Medical report upload
  • MRD management
  • E-prescription and Medical report
  • Patient feedback

Benefits Over Building Your Own App

Time is money

Building your own app can be taking about months to years to build a flawless telehealth platform. We already have an existing product that can perform all the tasks you need. By reviewing and investing in a telehealth solution that allows for white labeling, you can evaluate, select and begin marketing the service within one day.

Cost Effectiveness

Economies of scale suggest that if there is a company out there making what you need, it has all the necessary tools and processes in place. It probably can do the job faster and cheaper than you can, and it certainly will save time and money in the long run.

Dedicated IT Department

Every healthcare executives not always have a dedicated IT department to build their own solution. Even if you have an extensive IT department, it probably hasn’t built anything like a safe, secure telemedicine portal.

Dynamic Solution

Telehealth is a dynamic solution, constantly in need of updating and refining to support data protection and new integrations. With an already proven service, you save time, money, and can focus on your core competency: treating your patients