HMS Lite

HMS Lite is a fully integrated solution includes Hospital Information System - HIS , Electronic Health Record - EHR and Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP; to empower healthcare providers. With hospital's senior management, we managed to make the transformation of hospital's clinical, administrative and financial processes emerge in a better way.

Adopt our agile mindset to deliver future-ready healthcare software solutions at the speed of life.

Enhanced patientcare while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue.

HMS Lite is a Modern and powerful Healthcare software.

A true hospital software, supports operational, strategic and tactical activities. Clinical and / or administrative decision making is facilitated.

  • Manage all departments, patients, and staff with ease.
  • Improve patient experience.
  • Ensure reduced revenue leakages and stock pilferage.
  • Efficient billing and paperless operations.
  • Take better decision with advanced reporting features.

HMS Lite is a web-native, integrated, multi-facility, and scalable platform. It can be configured to meet all the information and communication needs of the administrative, operational and clinical departments of medium to very large hospitals and networks.


Clinical Management (OPD)
  • Patient registration
  • Scheduling & appointment booking
  • Appointment cancellation & reminders
  • Patient history capturing
  • Vital capturing and profile management
  • Centralize patient prescription
  • One stop Billing & Collection
  • Outpatient reports
  • Integrated lab and accounting
Doctor Module (OPD)
  • Doctor registration
  • Profile management
  • Scheduling and appointment management
  • Advance consultation management including video consultation (optional)
  • Appointment Cancellation
Webportal for Appointment Booking
  • Home page
  • Doctor list
  • Doctor profile and schedule (availability)
  • Appointment booking (existing & new patient) with OTP validation
Patient Mobile Apps (Android)
  • Patient registration with OTP validation
  • Patient profile management
  • Random unlimited vital capturing (6 types)
  • Find doctor
  • Doctor profile with review and ratings
  • Book appointment (with payment, optional)
  • Appointment booking (self, family and others)
  • Video consultation (optional)
  • Medical report upload
  • MRD management
  • E-prescription and Medical report
  • Patient feedback
Doctor Mobile Apps (IOS)
  • Appointment Management
  • Online Scheduling
  • Video Consultations
  • View Patient’s past History